Just the Facts



The legal age for cannabis purchase and consumption in Prince Edward Island is 19.


Get Home Safely

Cannabis can greatly impair your ability to drive so plan ahead. It’s always unsafe and illegal to drive impaired.


Start Low, Go Slow

The best practice when it comes to consuming cannabis is starting with a small amount and seeing how it affects you before trying any more.


Keep It Separate

It’s best to keep alcohol and cannabis consumption separate. Mixing the two can often lead to unwanted and unpleasant effects.


Stash Your Stash

Ensure you keep your cannabis stored securely. Keep it out of the reach of children and pets.


Know Your Source

To ensure safety and quality, the only legal way to purchase adult use cannabis in Prince Edward Island is through PEI Cannabis.

For more information about health and social risks of cannabis consumption and how to lower your risks, visit justthefactspei.ca