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Trailer Park Buds | Itodaso

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Dried Flower

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"We aren?t the kind of people to say itodaso, but? Around here, legend has it Itodaso Indica is a cross between Afghani and Northern Lights. Hydro-grown using tried-and-tested horvaculture techniques, buds are thick and frosty with a ton of red hairs. Smells like grape marmalade and cherry toaster strudels with mid-range THC for a wicked buzz ? way better than the schwag growing behind the bowling alley. No friggin? around: a big bag of weed (28 grams) to keep your re-ups low and your stash stocked up. With a humility pack tossed in to keep your weed from getting dry, and big ol? buds ready to fill a bowl, bong or six-paper joint."
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