Roll with it

While there are many ways to consume cannabis such as ingesting, inhaling and topically applying it, rolling dried cannabis flower in paper to make a pre roll joint to be inhaled is very common. And believe or not, the process of making a pre roll is not complicated.

What you will need:

  • Dried cannabis flower
  • A grinder
  • Rolling paper

Step 1 – Break down the dried flower

Use a grinder to grind up and separate the flower evenly. A grinder produces a consistent size and texture. Don’t overfill the grinder, and space out the dried flower so it doesn’t clump up. The ground flower should be in small pieces but not powdery.


Step 2: Make a filter (Optional)

While a filter is not essential, it does help reinforce the mouthpiece and make a pre roll easier to hold. It also protects your fingers from being burned. Many rolling papers come with filters or tips, but you can make your own with a piece of thick paper or cardstock.

To make a filter, take a piece of thick paper or cardstock and rip off a rectangle-shaped strip. Fold most of the paper into an accordion shape then wrap the last bit of paper around the accordion part.


Step 3: Fill the rolling paper

Lay the rolling paper on a table or tray with the glue or shiny side of the paper facing up. Sprinkle the dried flower onto the paper. Evenly spread the flower throughout the pre roll and avoid overfilling it. It is important to leave a little space at the end opposite the filter.


Step 4: Pack it

Fold the non-glued long side of the paper up and around the cannabis, and use your thumbs and index fingers to pinch the paper and work it into a cylinder shape, sifting the paper back and forth to distribute the flower evenly. Try not to press directly on the dried flower as you mold it into the desired shape.


Step 5: Roll it

Tuck the non-glued edge of the rolling paper around the packed cannabis and slowly roll the paper up tightly, tucking in the flower as you go. Moisten the glue and seal the side. Once it’s sealed, you can use a pen or toothpick to tightly pack down the cannabis. Gently fold and twist the open end closed to seal everything shut and prevent any cannabis from escaping.