Cannabis Growing Tips

In PEI, each household may possess up to four cannabis plants at one time. This is four plants per household, not per person.


Seed Prep:

  • Soak the seeds overnight in distilled or cooled boiled water.


  • Line a plate with a layer of wet paper towel. Drain any excess water and place the seed, or seeds, on top. If you’re germinating more than one seed at a time, be sure to space them 2.5 inches apart.
  • Cover the seeds with the second layer of damp paper towel.
  • Cover with a saucer and store in a warm, dark area for a few days.
  • Be sure and keep the paper towels moist by lightly misting them with water.
  • Check on the seeds each day to see if taproots have developed. Taproots usually appear after two or three days (although it can take up to seven days).
  • Once small taproots begin to appear, commence planting!
  • Carefully transfer the small taproots to a small container of grow medium to avoid mold.
  • Once seedlings develop, provide plenty of light and wait about a month before you replant them in your yard or a larger pot.

Growing Cannabis Indoors:

  • Cannabis plants require lots of attention and specific living conditions.
  • Use an enclosed space where light and humidity can be controlled.
  • Indoor plants usually require 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness to promote flowering.
  • Younger plants benefit from about 18 hours of light to grow.
  • With less than 12 hours of darkness, a plant can stay in a vegetative state where it will mature, and grow stems and leaves. When the plant is allowed 12 or more hours of darkness, the plant enters the flowering stage where buds form. Watering your indoor cannabis plants regularly with filtered water will help encourage growth.

Growing Cannabis Outdoors:

  • First off, given our unique climate in PEI, outdoor growing can be challenging because cannabis plants are annuals, and are not indigenous to our region.
  • Use an enclosed space where light and humidity can be controlled.
  • It is best to plant them outside in mid to late spring in a private, yet spacious area of your yard with good soil and lots of sunlight.
  • Water them regularly.

And remember, no matter where you are growing cannabis, it is your responsibility to make sure all cannabis plants and products are secured and out of reach of children and pets.