Beverages 101

What are cannabis beverages?

Cannabis beverages are infused with varying ratios of THC and/or CBD and are available in several flavours and varieties.

Cannabis beverages are typically pre-made and ready to consume, although there are some water-soluble, cannabinoid-infused powders you can mix into other drinks.

Just like other edibles, cannabis beverages may contain no more than 10 mg of THC per unit.

How do beverages work?

Cannabis beverages have to go through your digestive system to take effect. Depending on the dose and potency level, the onset of effects can be 30 minutes to 4 hours — much longer than the almost-immediate effects from smoking or vaping. The effects of cannabis beverages may last up to 12 hours or more. Cannabis affects everyone differently and so for that reason it is extremely important to start low, and go slow.

Can I make my own cannabis infused beverages?

While it is possible to make your own cannabis-infused drinks at home, it’s not recommended. In order to guarantee their safety for application and consumption, there are certain regulations imposed on cannabis suppliers and their cultivations that produce cannabis-infused beverages and other products.